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long time no update. I have been skimming everybody's posts regularly but just never had the energy to post anything. My life has been pretty boring so there isn't much to post about. (sorry).

Ah life has pretty much been the same. Going to work everyday and studying. I am so stressed and exhausted. Have two big assignments due soon with lots of coding. One of the projects requires fetching data from facebook using its graph API then displaying the data in a webpage using javascript, jquery, html and css. It was hard to begin with but once I got used to the API coding it wasn't too hard. Mind you I only had 3 hours of sleep one night and took me hours trying to fix up a silly mistake I made. My boss is going away and I am not given extra work to do so I spent most of last week doing my assignment.

Ahh at work in the last 3 weeks or so I have been using visual basic to automatically fetch data from Excel to display it diagrammatically in Microsoft Visio (a drawing program). I wrote over 300 lines of code for that. Coding it and figuring out the algorithm wasn't too hard. The hardest part is to figure out where to place items. At first my code was really repetitive but after a while refined my code by writing methods for the repeated lines of code.

Ahh I have been kinda annoyed at my boss. He gave me another contract to look at and a checklist containing a lot things to fill out. Well I went through the checklist and filled in as much as possible. Then when I went to see him he took out another checklist (different to the one he gave me) and said that these are the things you should have looked for and he was like ahh did you finish your law degree? you are supposed to be telling me this. I mean I tried my best and I thought I had to fill out the checklist and it's like my third time interpreting service contracts. The last two were contracts with commercial entities like private cloud hosting providers eg- amazon so there was a huge focus on liability and exclusion clauses and issues such as
-whether we can change the service load during contractual period and notice required to update terms
-whether we are forced to take on updates
-whether there is a cap on service levels
-whether contract renews automatically
-caps on liability and exclusion clauses etc etc you get it.

But this contract was with a hosting service funded and established by another university. So it has federal backing. I still focused on the cap on liability and the issues outlined above and boss wasn't impressed. This contract had a huge cap placed statutory liability and I spent most of my time looking at that. Ah well and there were three issues he picked up including no details on the treatment and disposal of metadata, no indication of compliance with state laws and no assurance that third party to the contract would comply to terms of the contract. Hey but at least I picked up one (the third party one).

Ahh well sometimes my job is boring. There just isn't much to do. Even though I am in a low classification HEW 3 compared to others in my department who are HEW 10- I still feel bad not making enough contributions and not doing much. But the things they like dealing with university clients on how their service should operate and on architectural changes requires a lot of experience which I just don't have. All of them have at over 10+ years of experience. And to be honest I am not that good with client interactions. I am looking at moving to another department which more matches my skill level more.

Another thing is that the University it full of bureaucracy. A lot of time is wasted on waiting for someone to check something I have done before I could do more with it. Ahh well good thing is that I have 7 days of paid holidays during the christmas break on top of my 20 days of annual leave whoo whoo. The univeristy declared ex gratia this year.

I have been soo exhausted lately so I wasted this whole weekend watching anime heidi (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heidi,_Girl_of_the_Alps). It reminds me of my childhood when I didn't have any responsibilities and could spend the whole weekend lazing around watching cartoons. I miss being a child.

Oh and I joined the university orchestra for violin. I am having trouble keeping up with everyone. They are all playing so fast and are like grade 6 and 7 level but I am still a beginner. I meant to practice for the upcoming rehearsal but I am too exhausted and just want to relax and watch drama. Ahh well I really hope that this orchestra would still be here next year. There are only two more rehearsals for this year which I can't attend because I have work to do. I have been rigorously playing everything with a metronome including scales which I hope would help me keep up with everyone.

I am going to sleep super early tonight and hope I am refreshed for work tomorrow. I have been feeling so exhausted and tired lately. And mum was super pissed off today which doesn't help things. And my grandpa recently passed away so mum and my sister have to go back to Hong Kong. A lot of memories about my grandpa comes to my mind a fair bit expecially my childhood memories of when I was in Hong Kong. We used to go yum cha a lot and I used to get lots of pretty toys/ stationery. I kinda regret not talking to him more when he was alive. I never thought he would pass away so quickly. And his passing away makes me wonder what happens when people pass away and whether we will meet again in the future. I kinda feel bad for not going back but I have to look after the house and the guinea pig. And I know that the house is really messy and someone needs to guard it (like mum said). And I don't have the stamina to go on the plane and walk up the mountain ( I am really afraid of heights) and stay till late in the polluted air quality. I am already feeling really tired and lightheaded everyday. My sister says I don't need to go cuz I am the younger child and she is the oldest.(I dunno asian thing). But I am looking at going back to Hong Kong soon....especially when I am feeling better.

Ahh well its a long post. I hope I can update again soon :)

cute capybara video

omg capybaras are one of my fav animals


Good morning everyone. It has been a lazy morning today even though I did lots yesterday. In the morning I did the laundry which takes a while cuz I gotta handwash all my work clothes and hang them up. Then I let the guinea pig out for sunshine and floor time. He doesn't want to move and he stays in his hidey hole. Ahh at least he got some vit D. Then I went out shopping yay for MYERs sale where clothes are 50% off their discounted price. I had gift vouchers and gift cards that I had to use. I bought a nice sweater. It was hard finding nice clothes to buy. Most of them are too old or simply not my style. Then I also got a MAC lipstick (yay my first MAC lipstick.) I got the shade Speak Louder from the creamsheen line. Although it's not my favourite lipstick colour, I deliberately chose something that I do not own but would still wear. The colour is decent but the staying power isn't that great. Then I went to the night noodle markets (in the afternoon yikes) which I reckon is a bit overhyped. The portion sizes are small and the food is not extraordinary. The burger I got ended up being a bit soggy but the ramen was really nice (even though it was small). It was interesting to see them use this whipped cream container to squeeze out part of the broth so it's reaally creamy. Then I went home and watch drama, anime etc...

Ah well today I plan to umm sleep a bit more. Practise violin a bit more (I did 30mins practise this morning). Then listen to my lectures and do my homework. The homework is for bonus marks which I would do cuz I noticed that bonus marks are the marks that get you to the next grade. Ahh tomorrow is gonna be hectic. Gotta start work from 8 then finish at 4 then go to my class from 4-6. Then I have to do it again on wednesday. This semester I am doing two units and working full time. I hope I can manage it. I gotta force myself to sleep earlier. For some reason I feel really alert and awake during bed time.

Time passes too quickly lately especially when you are an adult. I am trying to keep a journal so I can look back and remember what happened.

ah well photo time

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That's all for today gonna blog more soon. cya all :)

Still in bed gotta wake up soon to get ready for work. I skipped my final dose of medicine last night cuz umm I have been taking too much and the side effect of this medicine is weight gain. Weight is gained around my tummy area which I  trying to get rid of. ah well I would get refreshed again when I take my morning dose.

ah well gotta wake up.. thinking of doing a day in my life sometime...

maybe the weekends when I plan to visit the gallery and the noodle markets and shop a bit

livejournal is addictive. once u start blogging u don't stop lol

Jul. 31st, 2015

ahh well can't sleep again.
my eyes are so dry kinda annoying.
one more day of finding things to do work until the weekend yeppie.
yeah well umm I am doing work but I am overengineering  my solution a bit cuz I need to do something.
I documented everything I did so it might be useful in the future even though it's probably not required for this project.

at least my colleagues are nice. they helped me a lot and they went to my meeting with the boss to present my project. yeah well cuz they can kinda put pressure on boss and steer him to the right direction. They also taught me how to present my project to boss like preparing many alternatives and go through them one by one with him to steer boss to the right solution and create visio diagrams to document and present the process thats required. umm and to print out  the diagrams and documents. boss is old fashioned so he isn't interested in seeing the actual solution. he is more interested in seeing things written down on paper.

well at least big boss has accepted my project. now umm preparing more documentation and umm screen shots for everything. umm fixing up and creating more     nintex workflow to automate tasks and notifications. ahh and testing well which I have done already but boss wants a formal document (maybe finding stuff for me to do) funny I spend a lot more time documenting what I did than umm creating the solution.

anywayz sleep for me. sorry this entry is messy. typing on my phone.

Jul. 14th, 2015

Ahh I can't sleep without writing down my thoughts.

My boss is a pain man. He complained to us about not contributing enough at work and stared at me when he said it. I think he is referring to me deliberately. I am really mad at him because I developed what he needed (long story) but it appears to be too complicated. He wants all the functionality without needing to lift a finger. Grr he he soo technophobic he can't even go into list settings in sharepoint to change a column type from say a single line of text to a multiple line of text eventhough I have provided nice clear instructions in a user manual. And he complained that I am not doing enough. I have
1. tried to do as much as I can given the minimum amount of work I am given.
2. I have asked around for work as much as I can without annoying anyone.
3. I have asked him for work and he said there is none.
4. I have tried to do as much as I can with his project and the limited details and instructions he has given me.
5. I cannot knock on his door before 12 noon or he will get mad and say I have a lot to do. I cannot talk to him for long or he will get annoyed.
6. I emailed him before but he doesn't respond to my emails.
7. He keeps on delaying meetings with me so I am left wondering what I could do with the project.
8. Even though I am not making positive contributions per se I am doing things that are educational ie learning coding from code academy, going through training materials, reading transcripts from ted talks that are educational.

I have looked around for work but there is simply none I could do. I could not intefere with other departments work. I enquired about changing departments a while ago but he brushed it off.

Honestly he is the nastiest piece of work ever. I can't stand him.
I don't care if he keeps on complaining I am quitting and going to look for another job.
Honestly disability pays more than this job after taxes and stuff but my integrity makes me have to stay in this friggin job. I cried heaps already. It's been a while for months and I am still stuck on this damm project and given nothing else to do. The only other thing I was given to do was this test plan which I have completed and I think I did really well but he did not acknowledge.

Oh well off to sleep.

honestly I haven't taken a single day or sick leave when everyone else has already. I feel like a day off after his nasty comments.

Jun. 16th, 2015

Oh yeah I have a tumblr account so feel free to follow me there


I will follow back and we can be friends there as well!
Hello. Welcome to my blog. Konichiwa!!!. I have decided to start blogging from scratch. I have to admit that I do miss Livejournal a bit and it has been a long time since I last blogged (or journaled is more like it) so I am coming back!!!

Oh well I have to start with an introduction.............
First sentences are always the hardest to write. Do you sometimes find it difficult to come up with the first sentence for your report or assignment? Well I am in that situation right now. Oh well instead of wasting time to come up with a impressive introduction for I will just settle for a simple and boring introduction (which I might change later anyway). Oh well here it is erm "The purpose of this blog is to allow me to ramble about my experiences and day to day life etc. The good thing about the internet is that no one knows you and you can blog about anything you like HAHAHAHAHA.

I am always looking for new friends so feel free to add me. :)



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