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Sep. 14th, 2014

Hi everyone. I haven't posted for ages

I rejected a guy. I feel awful. I like him a lot but I just can't see how we can have a future together and I really don't think that it's a suitable time for me to have a bf. I mean he is great guy. He is nice, funny,sincere, got a great sense of humor and really really smart. We catch up for lunch after class all the time and talked a lot. He invited me to his house countless times and it feel bad that I had to keep rejecting him.

I really do like him but I am not sure if it would be a good idea to continue and develop our relationship further. I mean like he is nearly 22 and never had a job. Ok I know in this economic climate it's really hard to get a job so I would still go for a guy as long as he is looking hard for a job. I don't mind if he works at macdonalds. A job is a job. But he doesn't intend to find a job. He thinks that macdonalds is beneath him and would rather play games. I mean everyone has to start somewhere. I worked three years in retail until I decided to consider other careers. He asks his mum for pocket money all the time. His mum basically controls him like phones him when he is out. He is a bit lazy too. He does three units a semester and he doesn't do anything else except for play games. On a few occasions because he didn't have enough money to pay his share of the bill, I had to pick up the rest. (We always split the bill). Oh yeah and he is always playing games in class. Teachers have sort of ignored this because he's still get good grades because he is smart.

As much as he is a good guy I don't think it would be good for me to be dating with him. I have my fair share of problems. I want a guy who is more hardworking, secure, confident and knows where they are heading. It feels weird walking around with him in shops aimlessly even though it's fun. I dunno I rejected him saying that we have different goals and that it's not a suitable time for me to have a bf. He persisted a few times so I dunno if he will really give up. It hurts but I dunno if we can still be friends.



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